Solectria Renewables Releases Higher-Efficiency Smartgrid Inverters


Solectria Renewables LLC has launched higher-efficiency versions of its 500 kW Smartgrid inverter (SGI 500PE) today. At 97.5%, the transformer-based SGI 500PE boasts the highest CEC efficiency and peak efficiency (98.1%) in the market, according to Solectria.

‘Higher-efficiency products translate into significantly greater energy production and cost savings over the lifetime of a system,’ says Michael Zuercher-Martinson, chief technology officer of Solectria.

Customers can also choose DC subcombiner circuit breakers for the SGI 225-500. The subcombiner option presents another opportunity to reduce overall system costs by eliminating additional components and labor, Solectria says. The PV output circuit conductors are terminated at the lugs and are installed on molded case circuit breakers inside the inverter, eliminating the need for external DC disconnects.

Purchasing an inverter with an integrated DC subcombiner circuit breaker also simplifies system design and installation, as well as increases safety and reliability, Solectria adds.

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