Solectria Renewables Solar Inverters Installed In South Korea


Solectria Renewables has completed the delivery of more than 5 MW of 95 kW three-phase grid-tied inverters for multiple photovoltaic systems in South Korea. The systems were designed and installed by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Jarada Co. Ltd., Solectria Renewables' distributor in South Korea.

The utility-scale PV system power plants, located in the Haenam, Geochang and Jeongeup provinces of South Korea, include a 1.2 MW, 1.4 MW and 1.6 MW installation. Each use Solectria Renewables' PVI 95 kW-480 VAC and PVI 100 kW-480 VAC inverters. The systems employ a dedicated medium voltage utility feed at 39.4 kVAC.
The installations provide maximum overall system efficiency, multiple maximum power point tracking zones and excellent redundancy over multiple 100 kW sections of the system, the company says. The systems also include RS-485-based communications for remote site monitoring and on-site PC monitoring.

SOURCE: Solectria Renewables

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