Solectria Renewables Unveils SmartGrid Inverter Line


Solectria Renewables has introduced its SmartGrid series of PV inverters, which are available in 266 kW, 300 kW and 500 kW models.

The SmartGrid series includes an Ethernet connection, a MODBUS RTU & SCADA interface, VAR support, low-voltage ride-through, as well as remote command and remote control, Solectria says. In addition, the series features multiple-core intelligence with auto-assignable master-slave power electronics modules, a user-navigable LCD display and grid-based battery-storage control.

Web-based options include integrated SolrenView Web-based monitoring, revenue-grade monitoring, SOLZONE sub-array current monitoring, PV weather monitoring, as well as third-party monitoring compatibility and API feeds.

Solectria Renewables: (978) 683-9700

SOURCE: Solectria Renewables

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