Solergy Introduces New CPV Products


Solergy Inc., a developer of high-concentration photovoltaic (CPV) technology, has launched Solergy CPV and Solergy Cogen CPV. According to the company, the Cogen CPV system features 32.9% efficiency.

The Solergy CPV system includes the world's first all-glass concentrating lens for guaranteed optical performance in harsh conditions, Solergy says. It also includes a cone concentrator module, high-precision tracking and total thermal control.

For electricity-only applications, such as utility-scale and distributed generation power plants, Solergy CPV systems yield up to two times greater efficiency and 150% more electric energy output than traditional PV panels, according to the company.

Solergy Cogen CPV utilizes the heat released during electricity production to generate additional power. As an extension of the Solergy CPV product, this additional energy source enables Solergy Cogen CPV to serve applications that are beyond the reach of traditional PV, such as hot water, air conditioning, heating and industrial process heat.

SOURCE: Solergy Inc.

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