SolFocus Building 450 MW CPV Plant On U.S.-Mexico Border


SolFocus Inc. has partnered with Mexico-based land and real estate developer Grupo Musa and U.S.-based energy developer Synergy Technologies LLC to construct a 450 MW solar plant in Baja California near Tecate, Mexico.

The project will be built in 50 MW tranches. Construction on the first tranche is expected to start late this year and be completed before the end of 2013. The power plant, which will use SolFocus' concentrated PV (CPV) equipment, will be owned and operated by SolMex Energy SA de CV, the new company formed by Grupo Musa and Synergy Technologies for the production of solar energy in Mexico.

Historically, the renewable energy market in Mexico has focused mainly on wind power. However, with the launch of this project, solar has made a major step forward as an energy source for the country, SolFocus says.

Grupo Musa will be consuming most of the power from the initial 50 MW installation to meet energy demands at its various facilities. The power plant is being built on land owned by Grupo Musa.

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