SolFocus Introduces 1100S Concentrator Photovoltaic Solar System


SolFocus has released its latest concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) solution, the SolFocus 1100S, which the company says achieves panel efficiencies of 25%. The CPV design employs a system of reflective optics to concentrate sunlight 500 times onto small, highly efficient solar cells.

The system's tracking technology has been developed specifically for integration with SolFocus' 1100 CPV panels, providing a highly integrated and performance-optimized system. The company says its solar panels are the only CPV technology listed by the California Energy Commission as qualified for California Solar Initiative incentives.

SolFocus customer EMPE Solar will deploy the SolFocus 1100S in its recently announced 10 MW utility-scale project, which is expected to be the largest deployment of CPV technology in Europe.

SolFocus: (650) 623-7100

SOURCE: SolFocus

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