SolFocus, Samaras Expand CPV Project in Greece


SolFocus and Samaras Group have signed an agreement that expands their installation of solar concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology in Greece. Originally announced in November 2008 as a 1.6 MW deployment between SolFocus and Samaras Group, the project has now been expanded to 10 MW in recognition of the distinct financial and energy generation advantages for CPV in the geographic region.

This expanded agreement involves a joint effort between SolFocus, Samaras Group and its engineering company, Concept. Over the past four months, the partners have investigated several sites and begun engineering plans for the installation.

‘The swift expansion of this project resulted from the favorable political, economic, and energy generation environment that exists in Greece for commercial solar technologies,’ says Mark Crowley, chief executive officer and president of SolFocus. ‘2009 is truly the beginning of CPV commercialization, and Greece is a front-runner.’

Spanning multiple sites in Greece, the deployment will have the capacity to produce 10 MW of power using the SolFocus 1100S system.

SOURCE: SolFocus

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