Solid Sealing Technology Unveils High-Current Connector Products


Watervliet, N.Y.-based Solid Sealing Technology (SST) has released two new series of high-current connectors. These connectors are rated for currents from 69 amps to 250 amps and incorporate SST's ceramic-to-metal sealing technology for use in ultra-high vacuum, pressure, cryogenics and gas/plasma processing applications, the company says.

Conductors are silver-plated copper on the air side in order to reduce contact resistance, and range from 0.142 inches to 0.375 inches in diameter. Pin densities include single-pin to four-pin configurations.

Air-side plugs are included with all assemblies and include crimp-style contacts for wire/ cable installation. Standard assembly installations include weldable, ISO quick flanges or conflate flanges.

Solid Sealing Technology: (518) 266-6017

SOURCE: Solid Sealing Technology

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