Solis Energy Debuts New Product Suite


Solis Energy has introduced its Solar Power Plant SPP Series, a suite of products designed to provide easy and immediate access to 100% power necessary to run low-wattage devices (typically 100 W or less) at any location.

The new series consists of the following products:

The AC>DC Outdoor UPS Series, which provides a secondary power source for routine applications or acts as battery back-up power for short-term emergency needs to maintain vital applications like wireless communications and video surveillance security systems.

The Streetlight Power Tap Adaptor, which offers access to 120 vAC power from outdoor lights for running devices and applications like security/surveillance cameras, WiFi hotspots, WiMax radios and traffic monitoring.

The Squid and Octopus, which are DC-to-DC converters that deliver field configurable 12-, 24- or 48-volt output over two or more independent circuits, suitable for multiple DC power or POE requirements.

The Remote Power Monitor, which is designed to provide highly scalable real-time visibility to remote power plants.

Solis Energy is headquartered in Orlando, Fla.

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