Solland Solar Group Ends PV Cell Production, Sells Equipment


Solland Solar Group, based in the Netherlands, has entered into an agreement with Pufin Group to sell its PV cell equipment to Pufin Group.

Pufin Group is involved in the PV industry through its affiliates El.Ital, based in Italy, and Elifrance, based in France. Solland Solar's existing 70 employees engaged in cell manufacturing are expected to transfer to Pufin Group and its affiliates.

The transaction marks Solland Solar's exit from the PV cell manufacturing business. The company says it will fully focus on its Sunweb module and PV system business, while Pufin Group will integrate cell production into its existing PV manufacturing assets. Pufin Group will supply Solland's proprietary Sunweb cells to Solland for the production of the Sunweb modules.

‘Considering the difficult situation the PV industry finds itself in, we are extremely happy to have found a good solution for our cell activities,’ says Henk Roelofs, Solland Solar's CEO. ‘It enables Solland to speed up the transition from cell manufacturer to solar solutions provider while still securing the jobs of people involved in cell production.’

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