Solmetric Debuts New Solar PV Analysis Tool


Solmetric Corp. has introduced its PVA-1000S product: the newest offering in its line of PV Analyzer I-V curve tracers.

The PVA-1000S, which is used in solar power system commissioning, auditing, operations and maintenance, and troubleshooting, is designed to measure module strings up to 1,000 V. This PV Analyzer I-V unit, combined with the new SolSensor wireless PV reference sensor, helps improve accuracy to ±0.5% and offers a wireless sensor range of up to 300 ft.

Solmetric says the high-throughput PV Analyzer can commission 1 MW in less than two hours – even in hot environments. New features of the product include a temperature and incident-angle corrected irradiance sensor, which delivers accurate readings in lower light conditions.

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