Solmetric Releases New Version Of PV Analyzer Electrical Test Software


Solmetric has introduced version 2.0 of its PV Analyzer software, which is now shipping with new PV Analyzers and is available as a free upgrade for all existing PV Analyzers. The PV Analyzer is an electrical test solution that combines I-V curve tracing with built-in, predictive PV models to provide performance verification available for commissioning and troubleshooting PV arrays.

According to the company, the PV Analyzer reduces the contractual and financial risks associated with PV system performance by cost-effectively verifying array performance under existing irradiance and temperature conditions.

The new version 2.0 software provides several important enhancements, including translation of I-V curves to standard test conditions; a graphical touch interface for saving and recalling string data; a guided setup of the predictive performance model; and Web-based tools for finding array azimuth, latitude, longitude and elevation.

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