SOLON Introduces SOLquick Commercial Rooftop System


SOLON Corp. has launched SOLquick, a patent-pending new plug-and-play commercial rooftop product. Initial SOLquick flat roof installation has proven to reduce mechanical installation time by over 85% and electrical installation time by 50%, the company says.

SOLquick's integrated laminate-plus-mount design features Fibrex material from Andersen Corp. Together with the launch of SOLquick, SOLON has entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Andersen for its Fibrex material.

SOLquick is designed to ship directly to the work site, fully assembled as an integrated unit, with laminate and racking all in one. The product can be installed in 10 units per man-hour, with simple module-to-module connection, according to SOLON. The units require no assembly, grounding or tools for installation.

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