Solon, MP2 Capital Complete 1.15 MW Solar Project


Solon Corp. has completed construction on 1.15 MW of solar systems for the Tanque Verde Unified School District (TVUSD) in Arizona.

Spread over four campuses – Tanque Verde Elementary School, Aqua Caliente Elementary School, Emily Gray Junior High School and Tanque Verde High School – the systems are a combination of shade structures and rooftop systems. With over 4,000 solar modules, the systems will offset a large portion of the daytime electricity requirements of each campus.

Solon engineered, designed, constructed and commissioned the installations. The company will also continue to operate and maintain the systems.

TVUSD entered into a solar services agreement with MP2 Capital, which will sell all of the power generated from the systems to the school district for a 25-year term. In addition, local utility provider Tucson Electric Power (TEP) will purchase all of the environmental attributes generated by the system in the form of renewable energy credits, contributing to TEP's renewable energy goals and helping to reduce the overall cost of the system.

This financing structure means that the district was not required to make any up-front investment or incur any ongoing annual expenditure, the companies note.

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