SOLON Releases SCADA Product For Solar Power Plant Monitoring


SOLON SE, a Berlin-based manufacturer of solar energy products, has introduced a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote control and monitoring of solar power plants.

The SOLON SCADA system is a Web-based monitoring, control and reporting system that is specially designed for use in the energy provider and large-scale power plant sectors. The SOLON SCADA system delivers real-time, 24-hour information on a power plant's vital data – from the current output to the components and detailed analyses. Rapid detection of potential malfunctions in the power-plant operation can help to minimize downtimes while maximizing yields, according to the company.

The SOLON SCADA system is the first system which, via a Web 2.0 interface, makes it possible to not only remotely monitor, but also control and provide maintenance for, solar power plants, SOLON says. No additional software is required. Users with a computer connected to the Internet can access data on the system, weather, production or status of servicing.

The system can also provide trend charts, target/actual analyses and business case reports, or make comparisons between SOLON power plants at different sites. The modular design of the SOLON SCADA system allows it to be easily adapted to power plants of different sizes and types of technologies, or to be implemented when expanding a power plant, the company adds.


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