SoloPower, eIQ Energy Partner On Integrated Product Package


eIQ Energy Inc. and SoloPower Inc., both based in San Jose, Calif., have signed an agreement provide an integrated solar energy product package that combines eIQ Energy's Parallel Solar array wiring technology and SoloPower's flexible copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) photovoltaic modules.

The combined offering has been pre-verified for interoperability, and allows purchasers to obtain a single price quote for a solar array's entire electrical system, including PV modules, custom pre-fabricated wiring, and eIQ Energy's vBoost DC-to-DC converter modules, which enable parallel wiring, the companies explain.

In addition to convenience, the SoloPower-eIQ Energy combination provides superior power density, and greater energy harvest due to the integrated multiple power-point tracking and elimination of panel interactions provided by the Parallel Solar approach, the companies add. This technology also cuts system costs by eliminating significant quantities of cabling and combiner boxes, and reducing the labor needed during system installation.

SoloPower CIGS modules can be mounted in locations with low weight-bearing ability, and are available in multiple sizes for efficient filling of irregularly shaped roofs. They are also installed at zero tilt, which increases the system's coverage ratio and, therefore, power density, according to SoloPower and eIQ Energy.

SOURCE: eIQ Energy

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