SolRayo Introduces New Ultracapacitator With Nanotechnology Coatings


Enable IPC Corp. subsidiary SolRayo LLC has unveiled the design of the company's new ultracapacitor using nanotechnology coatings for use in a number of applications, including smart grid, grid stability, power quality and renewable energy.

According to the company, the new design is aimed at lowering costs and delivering more energy and power than similar devices currently on the market for the same price, opening up untapped markets for ultracapacitors.

‘We have designed individual 300 farad units that can be stacked in series or parallel in a larger framework,’ explains Kevin Leonard, SolRayo's chief technology officer. ‘The slim design should allow 300 farad units to be produced at considerably less expense than a similar unit available today.’

Unlike standard ultracapacitators, which use carbon electrodes, the Enable IPC / SolRayo device starts with carbon electrodes and adds a proprietary nanotechnology coating that has been shown to improve storage capacity of ultracapacitors by many times, while lowering the storage cost per energy unit, the company adds.

Enable IPC Corp.: (661) 775-9273

SOURCE: Enable IPC Corp.

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