SOLRITE Energy Launches New Virtual Power Plant Power Purchase Agreement


SOLRITE Energy has partnered with sonnen, a global market leader in smart energy storage and VPP technology, to launch the SOLRITE Virtual Power Plant Power Purchase Agreement (VPA). 

The SOLRITE VPA represents the industry’s first PPA offering leveraging grid services provided by the sonnenConnect VPP Program, says the company. It added that homeowners will have access to backup power and cost savings through sonnenConnect’s daily time of use optimization and bill management, while contractors may be supported by solutions to challenges such as NEM 3 in California via the VPP.

“As more markets are expected to follow California’s lead and alter their net-metering policies, this model enables us to capture the solar + storage market in a way that benefits homeowners, contractors and the grid itself,” says Regan George, CEO of SOLRITE.

“Integration with sonnen’s systems and sophisticated grid service algorithms will make every VPA installation a valuable asset to the local utility or Independent System Operator. Our competitive financing will allow more customers to receive the financial and environmental benefits of solar + storage, amplifying the impact of this program and ushering in the grid of the future.”

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