SolRiver Capital Finishes Whitetail Solar Project in South Carolina


SolRiver Capital, a national solar investment fund, has completed Whitetail Solar, a 14 MW utility-scale solar project in Dillon County, S.C. The project creates a biodiversity sanctuary amongst the solar panels. SolRiver partnered with NARENCO, as the installer, to take the development plans from paper to solar energy generation.

Whitetail Solar will produce over 25 million kWh of clean energy annually. Whitetail incorporates a Biodiversity Plan deploying numerous features designed to help maintain a sustainable environment.

“This is the first project where we implemented a Biodiversity Plan. It proves utility-scale development can be done in a way that preserves and even enhances the habitat on which it is located,” says Brandon Conard, partner at SolRiver Capital. “The Whitetail project provides a blueprint for expanding our projects to benefit the surrounding environment in addition to generating solar energy.”

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