Soltecure Restructures Corporate Brand Design, Shifts Industry Focus


Berlin-based Soltecture says it has restructured its offerings to add a new focus on solar construction services and complete systems for residential and commercial projects.

For commercial and industrial building-applied photovoltaics projects, Soltecture offers Tectum, a flat-roof system, and Sertum, a system for sloped roofs. Both the facade system Corium and the roof-integrated system Pallium meet the highest demands in integrated photovoltaics, the company says.

Service is being further integrated into the company's new brand design. These services include SOLdesign for the planning and ordering of a solar energy system, SOLfinance for project financing, and SOLtraining, a specialized training service for Soltecture's partners.

In addition, Soltecture's products have been renamed: The thin-film solar module is now called Linion, reflecting its pinstriped appearance. Anthracite-laminated and framed modules Linion L and Linion F can be used as building materials on building facades as well as roofing. Components from the Inteo product family have been developed for custom-fit installations, the company adds. The portfolio also includes the Omnio product line, which offers technical components for the various system solutions.

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