Solterra Renewable Technologies Names CTO


Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc., a solar technology and quantum-dot manufacturing company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hague Corp., has appointed Dr. Robert A. Glass to the newly created position of chief technical officer (CTO).

In this role, he will work with the scientific, technical and marketing teams in developing Solterra's technologies and directions, as well as work with the nanotech industry in the development of new standards, trade policies and joint ventures.

Glass' experience includes running scientific and engineering teams at major industries, such as the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology's photometry division in the Center for Building Technology, as well as Lockheed's Space Program in Advanced Development and EVA missions. He has also worked at Apple and Sun Microsystems.  Â

SOURCE: Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc.

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