Solyndra Completes Rooftop System In California


Solyndra Inc., a manufacturer of proprietary photovoltaic systems designed to optimize solar electricity production on commercial rooftops, has completed and begun operation of a 132 kWp system by SPG Solar Inc., on the rooftop of Cinema West's Livermore Cinemas in Livermore, Calif.

Solyndra says that its PV system design allows maximum coverage and easy installation on commercial low-slope rooftops. There is no need for roof-penetrating mounts or ballast to hold panels in place. As a result, the installation took less than 4 days.

The Livermore project involved covering a complex roof shape with many areas not aligned in the north/south direction. Whereas conventional PV panels would have needed to be tilted facing southward to avoid significant energy loss, the orientation of Solyndra panels has minimal impact on overall energy yield, according to the company.

SOURCE: Solyndra Inc.

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