Solyndra Debuts PV Mounting System For Metal Roofs


Solyndra LLC, a manufacturer of cylindrical photovoltaic systems for commercial rooftops, has released the Solyndra 200 Series system for metal roofs.

The non-penetrating, adjustable mounting system is designed to meet the additional solar installation challenges posed by metal roofs, the company says. Metal roofs make up a significant and growing portion of the large, low-sloped, commercial, industrial and agricultural rooftop markets.

‘Adapted from our proven 200 Series mounting system, the new metal roof mounts require no tools in the assembly process and are adjustable to meet the majority of low-slope metal roof configurations supplied by the industry's leading metal roof manufacturers,’ says CEO Brian Harrison.

The mounts are currently available and, to date, have been installed and tested on metal roofs by ASC Building Products, Bemo USA , Kalzip, Kingston and Gibraltar, according to Solyndra.

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