Solyndra Develops Solar Photovoltaic System For Commercial Rooftops


Solyndra Inc. has released a new solar photovoltaic system for the commercial rooftop market that is designed to generate significantly more solar electricity on an annual basis from typical low-slope commercial rooftops with lower installation costs than conventional flat-panel PV technologies.

Solyndra's panels employ cylindrical CIGS modules that capture sunlight across a 360-degree photovoltaic surface and are capable of converting direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight into electricity. The company says its panels perform optimally when mounted horizontally and packed closely together, covering significantly more roof area.

Also, the horizontal mounting and unique air-flow properties of Solyndra's solar panel design substantially simplify the installation process. The ease of installation and simpler mounting hardware of Solyndra's system enable customers to realize significant savings on installation costs.

Solyndra: (510) 440-2406

SOURCE: Solyndra

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