Sono-Tek Introduces ExactaCoat SC Scale-Coating System For Solar Cell Manufacturing


Sono-Tek Corp. has unveiled the ExactaCoat SC system, a three-axis coating solution for applying coatings onto either thin-film or traditional silicon solar cells. Designed for R&D and low-volume manufacturing of PV cells, the ExactaCoat SC provides uniform thin-film coatings of typical nano-suspensions and solutions such as amorphous silicon, PEDOT, ITO, AR coatings, CIS and several other active layers used in thin-film manufacturing, according to the company.

The system provides flexible XYZ range of motion and trackball control, as well as PC compatibility with advanced Windows-based programming software for automating and refining production processes, Sono-Tek says. The technology incorporates Sono-Tek's ultrasonic atomizing nozzles, available in several frequencies that allow for customization of the droplet size created.

The ultrasonic technology used in ExactaCoat SC is easily scalable from R&D to in-line production volume manufacturing using the WideTrack SC. The WideTrack SC system features up to 610-mm (24-inch) width per nozzle assembly, with unlimited widths achieved using multiple nozzle configurations

Sono-Tek: (845) 795-2020

SOURCE: Sono-Tek

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