Sono-Tek Introduces SelectaFlux SC System For Solar Cell Manufacturing


Sono-Tek Corp. has released the SelectaFlux SC ultrasonic selective fluxing system, which is designed for fluxing solder bus lines in silicon solar cell manufacturing. Easily retrofitting into all tabber-stringer machines, the SelectaFlux SC system provides uniform ultrasonically atomized flux lines for optimal solder connections, ensuring maximum solar cell efficiency and durability of solder joints, Sono-Tek says.

The system additionally features reduced overspray, resulting in a flux line with virtually no satellite particles or excess flux beyond the solder bus. The ultrasonic nozzle has a self-cleaning design with minimal service requirements and compatibility with all fluxes.

The system combines Sono-Tek's Microspray ultrasonic nozzle with low-pressure compressed air to create an adjustable spray pattern from 2 mm to 5 mm, depending on bus width. Unlike pressure spraying or jetting technologies commonly used for solar cell fluxing, ultrasonic spray fluxing delivers a highly precise, thin layer of flux with controlled velocity only to precisely targeted areas.

Sono-Tek: (845) 795-2020

SOURCE: Sono-Tek

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