Sono-Tek Introduces SonicSyringe Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump


Sono-Tek Corp. has introduced the SonicSyringe ultrasonic dispersion syringe pump, which is designed to quickly disperse particles in a mixture and hold them evenly suspended for several hours or more.

The ultrasonic system disperses agglomerated particles more quickly and uniformly than the magnetic stirring or sonic baths commonly used for the same applications, the company says. The system's high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations hold particles suspended for longer periods of time, improving process quality by delivering consistent particle suspension characteristics during the entire coating process. These attributes make the system ideal for de-agglomeration of nanoparticles and catalyst slurries that have a tendency to clump and are difficult to keep evenly dispersed in solution during liquid delivery.

The system, which can be applied to nano-suspensions used in thin-film solar cell manufacturing, can be fully integrated with Sono-Tek's ultrasonic nozzle coating equipment, providing a complete inline spraying solution.

Sono-Tek: (845) 795-2020

SOURCE: Sono-Tek

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