Sono-Tek Launches Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis System For TCO Deposition


Sono-Tek has introduced the Impact Array system, which is designed for high-temperature ultrasonic spray pyrolysis processes used to deposit acid solutions for creating transparent conductive oxide (TCO) layers in production-volume thin-film solar manufacturing.

The system features an array of Sono-Tek's new corrosive-resistant Cobalt A12-series ultrasonic nozzles for non-clogging, repeatable, long-life performance, even under high-temperature conditions and in the presence of corrosive solutions, Sono-Tek says.

TCO layers deposited using the Impact system have near the same efficiency as those created using CVD equipment, but at lower costs, according to the company.

The inline coating system uses high-frequency ultrasonic nozzle technology, as well as a control tower with an HMI touch screen interface and Windows-based software for control of spray parameters and programming functions.

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