Sono-Tek Releases Ultrasonic Spray Coating System


Sono-Tek Corp., based in Milton, N.Y., has released a new ultrasonic coating system, WP110, that is designed for spraying active and buffer layer chemistries in copper indium gallium selenide and cadmium telluride thin-film solar cell manufacturing.

The WP110 uses Sono-Tek's patented WideTrack spray shaping technology, with a fully enclosed spray chamber housing two to six non-clogging precision ultrasonic atomizing nozzles. With 95%-plus effective material usage and high uniformity across the entire spray width, the wet-process system is less expensive than the chemical vapor deposition and sputtering systems often used in thin-film solar manufacturing, Sono-Tek says.

The WP110 system easily integrates with existing lines, enabling customers using Sono-Tek's lab-level ExactaCoat machines to easily scale up to production volume once their process is proven at the research and development level, the company adds.

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