Sonobond Ultrasonics Focuses On Solar PV Metallurgical Bonding


Sonobond Ultrasonics, a provider of ultrasonic welding and bonding technology, says it has recently experienced deep penetration in the solar photovoltaic market with its MS5010B Ultrasonic Foil Splicer, which is used to attach aluminum strips to the thin layer of metals deposited onto PV modules.

‘Ultrasonic welding produces an ultra-reliable, solid-state metallurgical bond through the application of mechanical vibratory energy under pressure,’ says Janet Devine, president of Sonobond Ultrasonics.

The bonds created by the Foil Splicer have essentially the same strength and structure as their parent materials, the company says. There is no melting and no need for excessive heat, fluxes, filler metals, tapes or other consumables. Foil Splicer also avoids cracking of the glass panels in the photovoltaic cells, does not distort materials and requires minimal operating and training costs.

The MS5010B Foil Splicer consists of a power unit with a solid-state frequency converter, a welding head and a rotating disk tip that traverses the width of foil at speeds up to 15 feet per minute, depending on thickness and type of alloy. It can be easily fitted to most foil mill separating and splicing machinery, Sonobond Ultrasonics says.

Sonobond Ultrasonics: (800) 323-1269

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