Sonobond Ultrasonics Introduces Modular Welding System For Solar


Sonobond Ultrasonics has introduced its MS-5010B Foil Splicer Modular System – an ultrasonic welding system for the production of photovoltaic solar cells.

The product features a new solid-state power supply that offers automatic frequency control and a rotating head with a circular welding disk. These modular units can be easily integrated into applicable production systems, the company says.

According to Sonobond Ultrasonics, its welding process – whereby solar panel manufacturers weld aluminum strips to the thin conductive metal layer deposited onto the photovoltaic modules – does not require excessive heat, fluxes, filler metals, tapes or other consumables.

The MS-5010B Foil Splicer can also be used for fast, clean splicing of aluminum and copper foils. A rack and spline with drive system are available for this application.

Sonobond Ultrasonics: (800) 323-1269

SOURCE: Sonobond Ultrasonics

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