SOREL Offering New Solar Thermal Products


Sprockhovel, Germany-based SOREL Mikroelektronik GmbH has introduced the TDC series of microprocessor-based solar thermal differential controllers and the S series integrated pump groups to the markets in U.S. and Canada.

All models utilize a large, backlit dot matrix LCD display and four entry keys in order to promote ease of operation, the company says. The system's current operating status, configuration and logged data can be displayed in clearly written text and graphical representation, without the need for a technical manuals or separate hardware.

Logged data can be stored internally for up to four years and can be viewed directly on the controller's LCD display. The SOREL TDC1, TDC2, TDC3, TDC4 and TDC5 are available in both 115 VAC and 230 VAC versions. All five models are certified to UL and CSA standards and include basic data logging as a standard feature.

Model-specific features, such as variable-speed pump control, east/west panel configurations, multiple storage tanks, vortex flow measurement, enhanced data logging and fully integrated network interfaces, are available, the company adds.

All SOREL products are exclusively marketed in the U.S. and Canada by Helios Solar.

SOREL Microelektronik GmbH: 49 023396024

SOURCE: SOREL Microelektronik GmbH

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