South Carolina Energy Office Offering Renewable Energy Grant Program


The South Carolina Energy Office (SCEO) has announced a new grants program for renewable energy and advanced vehicle technology projects. Available exclusively to nonprofit organizations, the program aims to redirect energy dollars now leaving the state back into South Carolina's economy.

‘We feel that this program satisfies a number of critical needs. It will save energy, continue to develop South Carolina's renewable energy infrastructure, create new jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,’ says Elwood Hamilton, a spokesperson for the SCEO.

A total of $2.8 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will be available for eligible nonprofit organizations until Oct. 23. However, the maximum amount that can be awarded for each project is $500,000.

The two-year grant can be used for projects involving solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas and geothermal energy. Funds can also be used for converting or purchasing vehicles that use alternative fuel or advanced battery technology. These include hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

SOURCE: South Carolina Energy Office

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