Southern California Edison Signs Major Solar Power Purchase Agreements


Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed 21 contracts for nearly 259 MW of power, with 20 of the power purchase agreements (PPAs) for electricity produced by solar PV projects. The bulk of the agreements are with Silverado Power, a solar PV firm based in San Francisco, for ground-mounted installations in Lancaster and Victorville.

The contracts are a result of SCE's 2010 Renewables Standard Contracts Request for Offers, a voluntary renewable procurement program for small projects that SCE has held for several years. The independent power producers are responsible for any necessary permitting and conducting environmental impact studies in accordance with local, state and federal jurisdictions. There will be minimal transmission upgrades to accommodate the projects, according to SCE.

It is expected that by the end of 2010, SCE will deliver between 19% and 20% of its power from renewable resources under California's renewable portfolio standard guidelines.

According to Silverado Power and its joint-venture partner Martifer Solar, their new PPAs with SCE total 113 MW of PV projects. The agreements consist of nine projects within close proximity to major utility lines in Southern California.

SOURCES: Southern California Edison, Martifer Solar

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