Southern California Edison Soliciting Renewable Energy


Southern California Edison (SCE) is soliciting contracts for renewable energy projects, particularly those located in the Tehachapi area of Kern County, Calif. This is SCE's sixth open, competitive solicitation since 2002.

‘SCE currently purchases renewable energy from throughout this great state and beyond, and hopes to purchase more,’ comments Stuart Hemphill, SCE's vice president in charge of renewable and alternative power. ‘We also look forward to seeing creative proposals that will make the most of the untapped renewable potential in the Tehachapi area.’

SCE's solicitation calls for short-term and long-term contracts for projects that produce solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy. Proposals will be due in May 2008, and SCE expects to submit completed contracts to the California Public Utilities Commission for approval by December 2008.

Interested parties can download details of the request for offers at To answer bidders' questions, SCE will host a proposal conference on Thurs., March 20.

Currently, SCE's renewables portfolio contains 354 MW of solar power, the utility adds.

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