Southern Power Expands Millers Branch Solar Facility


Southern Power is set to expand its 29th solar project, the Millers Branch Solar Facility located in Haskell County, Texas.

The Phase II expansion represents an additional 180 MW from the current Phase I 200 MW facility that is nearing the start of construction. 

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Millers Branch Solar Facility,” says Robin Boren, Southern Power’s president. 

“This 180 MW renewable energy expansion represents a clean, innovative solution to help a diverse group of customers achieve meaningful progress on their own sustainability objectives. It’s one more example of how Southern Power is building the future of energy and meeting the evolving needs of our customers and communities.”

Southern Power will lead the continued development and construction of both phases of Millers Branch. Phase II is expected to achieve commercial operation in 2026.

Cisco, Juniper Networks, IDEXX Laboratories, Cadence, Bio-Rad and PTC, with support from Sustainability Roundtable, and together as members of the Net Zero Consortium for Buyers, each signed PPAs with Southern Power for all the environmental attributes produced by the Phase II portion of the solar facility.

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