Spectrum Sensors And Controls Introduces Resistance Temperature Detectors


Spectrum Sensors & Controls has developed a line of resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) using thin-film technology. According to the company, these RTDs provide excellent sensing at a lower cost than wire-wound elements.

Spectrum's RTDs are available with both nickel and platinum elements. Thin-film RTDs offer excellent linearity, stability and accuracy over a wide temperature range and exhibit the most linear signal with respect to temperature, the company says. These RTDs can be used as designed or can be packaged into an array of different types of housings and combined with a variety of cables, connectors and other accessories to provide a probe suitable for just about any environment or application.

The RTD element consists of a ceramic substrate, laser-trimmed to a desired resistance, coated with a thin layer (film) of platinum or nickel. Spectrum's RTDs are available in standard DIN class accuracies and a wide variety of surface, air and immersion housings that can operate from -60 degrees C to +250 degrees C for nickel and -200 degrees C to +600 degrees C for platinum. Thin-film resistance temperature detectors offer resistance values ranging from 100 ohms to 1,000 ohms and are able to withstand vibration and thermal shock.

Spectrum Sensors & Controls: (814) 834-1541

SOURCE: Spectrum Sensors & Controls

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