Spelsberg PV Junction Boxes Feature Integrated Electronics


Germany-based Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KG has developed the PV 1410-2 ISBT, a new PV module junction box with integrated electronics. The product features a chip with a protective electronic circuit built directly into the PV junction box. In the event of an emergency, the chip short-circuits the PV module, and Spelsberg's accompanying PVL-I system cuts off the generated PV energy at the source.

By switching off power directly in the junction box, the system ensures safety in case of fire or during installation and maintenance, where normally DC voltages as high as 1,000 V are present, the company notes.

The junction box includes the company's proprietary Ideal Solar Bypass Technology (ISBT), which uses a patented electronic circuit that replaces the conventional Schottky diodes as the bypass element. According to the company, the ISBT is able to provide improved protection for solar cell strings in case of shading. The module junction box also provides efficient protection against overvoltage caused by lightning and can withstand lightning-induced impulses of up to 1.4 joules.

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