SPG Solar Completes 396 kW PV System


La Vina Ranch, a table grape grower and supplier in Madera, Calif., and SPG Solar, a commercial installer, have completed a 396 kW ground-mounted solar power system that is expected to provide up to 75% of the electricity needed at La Vina's adjacent cold storage facility.

This solar power system is expected to save La Vina Ranch over $66,500 annually, according to the companies. The 1,300 solar panels used in the installation will generate more than 610,000 kWh of electricity annually.

‘As a family-run business, La Vina Ranch has a long-term outlook. We focused on their need for a solution that provides them the greatest energy savings over the life of the system and stabilizes their energy costs for generations to come,’ says Chris Robine, CEO of SPG Solar.

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