Spire Appoints New International Representatives


Spire Corp. has appointed three new companies to represent Spire internationally: Servo Dynamics Co. Ltd. in The People's Republic of China, Energy Control Systems for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and PV Middle East for the Gulf Arab States.

Servo Dynamics Co. is an automation and industrial solution provider. ‘It is crucial for Spire to enhance our strong presence in China,’ notes Roger Little, chairman and CEO of Spire. ‘China is one of the biggest countries involved in the solar industry, and its solar growth potential is outstanding, driven by both international markets and new government policies which will accelerate their solar demand.

‘The solar industry is booming in Pakistan and the Gulf Arab States,’ Little adds. ‘Kuwait's Ministry of Energy and Water is actively researching solar power prospects. Abu Dhabi launched a $10 billion program dedicated to renewable energy, and Qatar is positioning itself to be a major player in the global solar industry in the next five to six years. Spire is taking advantage of each of these opportunities by making our presence known in these areas.’

SOURCE: Spire Corp.

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