Spire Encourages Foreign PV Manufacturers To Establish U.S. Operations


Spire Corp., a global solar company providing turnkey solar factories to manufacture photovoltaic modules worldwide, has initiated its Come to America program to assist foreign manufacturers of PV modules to establish manufacturing operations U.S.

The U.S. is projected to be the most rapidly growing PV market in the world, and to take full advantage of the newly signed economic stimulus bill, foreign manufacturers would need to produce their modules in the U.S., Spire says. Assembling modules from solar cells in distributed module assembly lines is a cost-effective approach to market entry.

In addition, shipping costs are reduced, and solar cells usually represent the intellectual property part of the module. Manufacturing modules near the market also stimulates local market growth, results in local tax incentives and incentives for job creation, the company adds.

Leading this initiative is Mark R. Case, who has recently been added to Spire's senior staff as vice president of photovoltaic factory management. Case joined Spire from Flextronics, where he was vice president of the energy division within Flextronics' FLEXIndustrial business segment. His work has concentrated on the PV industries.

SOURCE: Spire Corp.

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