Spire Introduces Integrated 25 MW Solar Cell-Module Line


Spire Corp., a global company providing solar factories and capital equipment, has introduced a fully integrated, 25 MW cell-module turnkey photovoltaic production line. The company says the system has been designed to integrate both cell and module manufacturing, converting silicon wafers directly into high-efficiency, low-cost modules.

‘With the coming availability of low-cost wafers and the move toward higher-scale and vertical integration, this is the quickest route to becoming a serious player in the photovoltaic manufacturing business,’ says Roger Little, Spire's chairman and CEO.

‘We can make both lines more efficient by combining them. By adding commonality throughout the line, our customers will have the best possible handling of the wafers and cells, which represents the majority of their operating costs,’ he adds.

In addition to improved handling and yield, combining cell and module manufacturing offers manufacturers other advantages. Spire's Fab Vision software extends its reach from wafer to module and provides the key information and lot tracking required to maximize yield and throughput.

The turnkey package also provides the key embedded process training, access to critical materials, finished designs of both cells and modules, and direct assistance with the certification to sell the end product in the most lucrative markets.

Spire Corp.: (781) 275-6000.

SOURCE: Spire Corp.

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