Spire Introduces Large-Area Solar Simulator For Thin-Film PV


Spire Corp. has released the SPI-Sun Simulator 6013SLP, a 6-meter by 1.3-meter solar simulator for thin-film PV modules. The first unit will be delivered to SoloPower Inc. in San Jose, Calif., for application to copper indium gallium diselenide modules.

The 6013, based on Spire's Single Long Pulse series, is designed for modules up to 6 meters in length and 1.3 meters wide. Its solar spectrum is Class A, and its intensity uniformity is +- 2%. It has an adjustable pulse length from 20 to 80 milliseconds and an adjustable intensity range from 200-1100 watts/square meter.

Spire Corp.: (781) 275-1677

SOURCE: Spire Corp.

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