Spire Receives Order For Turnkey 50 MW Module Line


Spire Corp., Bedford, Mass., has received a contract from Martifer Solar S.A., a division of Martifer Group, Oliveira de Frades, Portugal, to provide a fully automated turnkey 50 MW module manufacturing line. This will be the first fully automated module line installed in Portugal, the company says.

Spire's line utilizes extensive robotic systems for material handling and processing, and it is designed such that an additional 50 MW can be efficiently integrated into the operations at a later date. The line will consist of Spire photovoltaic module manufacturing equipment and an integrated automation system, including robotics. Spire will be responsible for integrating the entire line and will be collaborating with a world leader in automation/robotics on this project.

"We are very happy to have awarded this contract to Spire Corp. for our 50 MW module manufacturing line," comments Jorge Martins, chief financial officer of the Martifer Group." This is our first step in solar modules manufacturing, and with this investment and others to follow, Martifer Solar will be in a position to deliver to its customers its own product."

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