Spray-On SolarWindow Cells Move Closer Toward Commercialization


New Energy Technologies Inc., developer of see-through, spray-on solar cells for glass windows, says its researchers have achieved new advancements, including faster fabrication time, improved transparency and an increase in power-conversion efficiency.

According to the company, its SolarWindow technology has progressed beyond early research efforts with the University of South Florida and is now in advanced product development.

The company says the newest spray-related improvements include reduced fabrication time from several days down to a few hours, as well as boosted power-conversion efficiency of each individual cell by two-fold compared to previous fabrication methods.

"This latest breakthrough is an exciting testament to our ongoing efforts as we continuously work to improve the quality and performance of our SolarWindow mini-modules," explains John A. Conklin, president and CEO of New Energy Technologies Inc." Moving forward, we remain devoutly focused on producing large surface area prototypes which are compatible with high-speed production methods, important to commercialization of SolarWindow."

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