Sputnik Engineering Introduces Two New Inverters


Switzerland-based Sputnik Engineering has added two new central inverters with greater outputs to its new SolarMax TS series.

The new SolarMax 300 TS has a rated output of 300 kW and operates in the MPP range of 430 to 800 volts. This new model is the result of Sputnik developers' efforts to boost the European efficiency of the previous model, the SolarMax 300 C, from 94.8% to 95.5%, the company says.

Unlike the SolarMax 300 TS, Sputnik's SolarMax 330TS SV operates without a low-voltage transformer. As many as four of the new 330 kW inverters can be integrated into a SolarMax power station, and their can be power fed directly into the medium-voltage mains via a medium-voltage transformer. The station can be easily operated using a central control unit. The display clearly shows all the important information and settings.

As with other SolarMax-TS series devices, the electronic system in the inverters monitors the IGBT switches of the two new central inverters on the power unit – a feature that enhances operational safety and reliability, the company says. Sputnik adds that it also replaced the electrolyte capacitors with film capacitors wherever possible to add to the devices' useful life.

An optional earthing kit also permits the inverters to work in combination with thin-film or back-side contacted modules without complications.

Sputnik Engineering: 41 0323465600

SOURCE: Sputnik Engineering AG

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