Sputtering Materials Offering Thin-Film Solar Development Service


Sputtering Materials Inc. (SMI) says it is now offering a copper indium gallium (CIG) target alloy and pre-selenization thin-film development service.

The company has designed and assembled a development physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber that includes a chromium (Cr) target, a molybdenum (Mo) target and a two-inch-diameter CIG target for the purpose of testing CIG target deposition and thin-film characteristics.

The service includes the production of a high-density (99%+), 2′ x 0.250′ CIG planar target. The developmental PVD chamber is used to make thin films of Cr-Mo-CIG on glass or flexible substrates.

‘We can now work with our customers to cast CIG targets in various alloys and test them in the chamber for them, with all the film results sent directly to our customer,’ says Greg Howard, vice president of SMI.

SMI: (775) 787-6700


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