Standard Solar Building 2.1 MW Municipal Array In Maryland


Standard Solar is deploying a 2.1 MW municipal solar array for Pocomoke City, Md., that will power a wastewater treatment facility.

The 6,150 panel array is expected to produce 2.9 GWh of electricity per year. Electricity produced by the system is expected to reduce the city's electricity bills by more than $37,000 a year. Additionally, several local nonprofit organizations will participate in the city's network to reduce their bills by approximately $15,000 annually.

‘Pocomoke City is proud to be in the forefront of Maryland municipalities when it comes to solar energy,’ says Bruce Morrison, mayor of Pocomoke City. ‘Our new solar system will not only help the town economically, but it also speaks to our commitment to environmental sustainability and will serve as an educational opportunity for all of us to learn about the importance of renewable energy.’

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