STANGL Presents New Inline Wet Process Equipment For Si Cells


STANGL Semiconductor Equipment AG (STANGL), producer of qualified wet process equipment, has introduced the new LINEA Inline wet process equipment for photovoltaic Si cells.

LINEA is a horizontally working inline wet process platform for the cleaning and etching of crystalline solar wafers. Stangl's LINEA inline etching system can be configured up to 1,700 or 3,400 wafers per hour (156 mm), which equals a production capacity of 30 MW and 60 MW. LINEA completes the portfolio of STANGL's integrated wet process solutions for solar cell manufacturing lines.

The LINEA design is based on a newly developed sophisticated transport system and a special chemical flow system to process the wafers horizontally with a very low breakage rate (under 0.1%) and a high etching uniformity, the company says.

STANGL Semiconductor Equipment AG: 49 061819828020

SOURCE: STANGL Semiconductor Equipment AG

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