Steca Adds New Features To Tarom Solar Charge Controller


Steca Elektronik says it has added more functions to its Tarom 245 solar charge controller, thus allowing for more usage flexibility. The new version of the charge controller is set to be released by the end of this year.

The universally employable solar charge controller for off-grid photovoltaic hybrid systems and telecommunications applications has been equipped with a large multifunctional LCD with graphics capabilities. A compact designer housing facilitates mounting, Steca says.

In addition to the standard morning, evening and night light settings, the charge controller now features an interval timer allowing programming for a given day and time. Twelve timers are possible per device.

The new Steca Tarom 245 is available as 12/24 V and 48 V with 45 A. It features load output and two configurable relays, allowing installers to connect solar generators or energy management systems.

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